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Notice for degree distribution
Notice for degree distribution
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Tender for news papers
Tender for news papers
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Tender ( Job Basis employees for IV class)
Tender ( Job Basis employees for IV class)
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Haridev Joshi University of Journalism and Mass Communication (HJUJ) aims to be one of India's finest universities devoted to media studies and mass communication. The university is named after an illustrious former Chief Minister of Rajasthan, the late Haridev Joshi, who began his public life as a freedom fighter and journalist in the tribal Banswara region. HJUJ, a dream project of Rajasthan Government, is mandated to lead three core programmes -- teaching, training and research - embracing a broad social mission to impart high calibre journalistic education to strengthen democratic values and processes in society.
Located in Jaipur, the capital of India's largest State Rajasthan, HJUJ offers an array of innovative courses in journalism and mass communication to combine both theory and practice at the graduate, postgraduate and doctoral levels. Committed to instilling quality in education and make it responsive to fast changing global trends, HJUJ will adopt media-study-tools to impart professional skills and lead students, including those belonging to weaker sections of society, towards advanced educational opportunities.
Need for Independent Media
An autonomous and independent mass media is joie de vivre to promoting public welfare, protecting peoples' fundamental rights and basic entitlements. India has a long tradition of a pluralistic, fair and independent press that rose to prominence through its deep involvement in the country's Freedom Struggle. In recent decades, other mass media like radio, television, cinema and digital or 'new' media have also earned enormous recognition. Through Its multiple academic programmers dovetailed with fast emerging issue-based practical sessions and in-plant training schedules, HJUJ will strive to function as a media-laboratory to roll out ethically competent professionals in various segments of the fast expanding media industry.
India's Vibrant Media Industry
As one of the world's fastest-growing economies, India prides in enjoying a greatly independent and fiercely vibrant media. With rising literacy levels, newspaper circulation is growing rapidly and new magazines, several being dedicated to specialized segments of society and economy, are being launched. A score of new television channels are being licensed annually. The Fourth Estate has become a much profitable platform promising an exciting basket of visible and invisible advantages. Importantly, it is also being adored by society's almost all strata. India's media-explosion, therefore, deserves consolidating its core competence and inherent strengths, overcoming it's too obvious limitations, improving its incisive arsenal and enhancing its ethical values.
HJUJ aims to fulfill this felt need through its multi-disciplined and creative academic programmers that will provide opportunities for personal and professional enrichment to its students and faculty. In doing so, the university hopes to strengthen the process that leads to the formation of a scholarly community dedicated to the development of thoughtful, creative, sensitive and responsible journalists and citizens. The curriculum meets the fast growing demand for trained journalists and its courses in print, broadcast, telecast, cinema, film, advertising, public relations, marketing, response, online media, etc., embody the best practices.
The Growing Crisis in the Media
It is predicted that India's media industry will record a double-digit growth annually over the next decade. However, in contrast to its growing financial muscle and political clout, the credibility and ethical values of the media have declined in recent years. An assessment reveals that India's media is suffering from an overall decline in quality, authenticity and facing loss of diversity and pluralism, reflecting shallowness in reporting. Of late, the tendency has been to overlook the basic norms of responsible journalism. This has led to a crisis of credibility that endangers the media's fundamental role of acting as the people's watchdog and society's conscience.
Need for Ethics
HJUJ has come up in nation's warp and woof as though to counter such internecine challenges as it believes in promoting an education that should nurture ethics and social responsibility. Mahatma Gandhi had said, the "true function of journalism is to educate the public mind.the sole aim of journalism should be service." In keeping with this spirit, HJUJ will focus on a new teaching-mode that should inspire its students to revive and put in to practice the fast losing values of journalism and enable them to graduate and assume responsible leadership in society. It shall offer media-studies as a means for integral development and to promote economic equity and social justice. It shall remain committed to serve society by empowering communicators with the domain knowledge and skills that are essential to better understand and analyze developmental issues and processes.
As HJUJ will pursue its major objectives of teaching, training and research it shall continue to outline that mastering one's craft is only one aspect of the media education to be imparted through it; equally important will be to recognize and rationalize how issues of class, caste, race, gender and culture impinge on the creation and creators of all the media streams. It shall especially aspire to provide a professional media education in consonance with the values that are relevant and significant to India's socio-cultural context and specificities.
Through a flexible approach and an innovative, inter-disciplinary curriculum, HJUJ hopes to emerge as a centre of excellence where students not only shall discover the media-universe but also discern the core values and professional ethics that are needed to bond effectively with the national and global human family. It aims to create a cadre of students who shall constitute a group of professionally-ethically best conversant media-practitioners, saddled with erudition, displaying integrity, social commitment, secular values and promoting human rights.
HJUJ shall endeavour to fulfill a set of broad objectives:
* To educate, train and enable students to become fully integrated members of the media industry
* To train and encourage students to think critically which helps them to collect and present information quickly, interestingly and accurately
* To provide students with exposure to different kinds of media setups and facilitate hands-on experience of handling updated techniques and media tools
* To provide flexible, innovative academic/research programmers and to create enabling structures those are responsive to a broad range of learners and a variety of felt-needs
* To recognize a special duty to educate and empower students from marginalized sections and weaker socio-economic strata of society
* To inculcate in students an understanding of the role of media in Indian society and develop in them an appreciation of the importance of research and analysis

To foster close and considerate faculty-student relations those promote mutual respect and a culture of trust, transparency and accountability in the functioning of the university

* To instill among students high levels of alertness and sensitivity and best ethical standards of the media profession so that they in turn promote the liberal and secular values enshrined in the Indian Constitution.
Making Media Education Affordable for All
HJUJ will ensure that high quality Journalism and Media education is made available to those willing to possess it. Keeping the course fees reasonably limited and affordable, HJUJ will try to function in the spirit of a social mission. To enable students from weaker sections to avail of its courses, it will try to procure and provide scholarships. Some merit-cum-means scholarships will also be given to deserving students.
Convergence in Media
The Vision of HJUJ is to design and develop academic and research programmes that shall not only live up to global standards of media education but shall be adapted to the current needs of the country. In an era of rapid changes where the world has virtually become a global village, it plans to prepare its students to meet emerging challenges and achieve excellence in all branches of the media - print, broadcast and online. In view of the digital-media explosion in recent years and the trend towards convergence, it will be especially dedicated to achieve the role of producing sharply-rounded media professionals who should be abrasive, equipped with specialized skills.
HJUJ believes that practical experience and intellectual knowledge both count toward excellence in media¬¬-- along with curiosity, imagination and courage. The dream that inspires HJUJ is to not just to teach the craft or skills of Journalism or Mass Communication but to provide a meaningful education that enables students to broaden their mental horizons and deepen their understanding of socio-economic issues on the bedrock of a sound ethical base that is critical to the task of nation building, social justice and economic development.
Information Center, Sawai Ramsingh
Road, Jaipur-302004
Ph. No. +91-141-2373761